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About Me


I love taking pictures! And really taking photos is so much of who and I am and tells so much about my personality. But more than that I am a mom and a wife and I love that job more than anything! I have three amazing children! Abby, Bennett and Cooper… they are my world!

Abby is my most willing subject and she is an absolute joy to be around. Cooper is insane and never stops moving long enough to get pictures taken. And little Bennett… oh he is my dream baby and I can’t wait until he start sitting up so I can take his pictures more… these days he pretty much just sleeps. My husband is the best! He holds things together behind the scenes during my crazy 9 month busy season. He is so supportive of me and my “hobby” and continues to call me a housewife even though this photography thing has gotten so big. I just love him!

A huge part of who I am is defined by our journey to build our family. For many many years we struggled to have children. And here I am now with three! Its a miracle and I know how blessed I am. Having a family brings so much joy.  I appreciate them so much. They make me Happy. I want to capture your happy… through a lens. I know how much your family means to you. Our moments with them are so precious! Let take pictures of it!

I have been taking pictures for several years. Most of my experience has been along side my mom who is an excellent photographer in California. It was about seven years ago that I got the confidence to go out on my own and I have loved it! I have found my own style and have learned so much. I love capturing the candid fun moments in families but I also know the need to have formal family pictures. My goal is to capture the best of both worlds and have fun while doing it. I love getting to know my clients and I love that most of them have become friends through working together.

I have my dream life. I have a wonderful family and the perfect hobby that keeps me busy and so fulfilled. Life couldn’t be better!

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